The launch of the book “Music and mental health: orchestrating the meeting” will take place on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at the MCBA, Lausanne ( the-meeting / => registration required)

Publication: “Musique et santé mentale / orchestrer la rencontre” (ed. Champ Social)

Published by Éditions Champ Social, written under the direction of the AMENHOTEP team, this collective work reports on reflections, innovative practices and research on the use and contribution of music in the field of mental health. From a multidisciplinary perspective, crossing and decompartmentalizing the academic, professional and artistic worlds, it brings together contributions from researchers […]

Fondation Dalle Molle Prize

The Fondation Dalle Molle has rewarded the AMENHOTEP project, which promotes the quality of life. VIACAM is a member of the project, with the CHUV, the HESAV, the HEIG-VD and the HEMU. AMENHOTEP brings humanity into intensive care in psychiatry, making it possible for the secluded patient to choose pieces of music, in total safety. […]

Development cooperation

On October 24, 2019, a lecture was conducted jointly with Iwate University in Morioka, Japan, on the detection of objects in videos by artificial intelligence methods.

Music and healthcare

The AMENHOTEP solution that allows people locked in a seclusion room to listen to music in a safe way was presented at conferences in Japan. Cooperation is expected.


“Artificial Intelligence In Safety Management”, conference given during the SEE IT SUMMIT in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry

A musical device for seclusion rooms compatible with high safety requirements was developed. VIACAM’s product was presented at the 10th Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry, Dublin, 26-28 October, 2017.

Conference on Awareness Science and Technology, TAIWAN

VIACAM was present at the 8th International Conference on Awareness Science and Technology, TAIWAN, November 8-10, 2017. VIACAM’s presentation was about its acoustic technology that transforms a wall into a tactile device, and its peculiar use in seclusion rooms.